Scottish Clinical Information Management in Practice

We are a GP led organisation of eHealth enthusiasts all of whom have experience in health informatics.   Supported by NHS Scotland, our role is to advise on, inform, educate, debate and promote the use of eHealth to make General Practice better and to improve health care.

Most of our members work in General Practice – facing the same challenges and working with the same information technologies that every NHS Scotland General Practice does. With SCIMP we have the opportunity to directly influence eHealth developments and contribute to NHS eHealth strategy.

eHealth should be about making things better. We believe that by making it easier for people to do their jobs we will improve health outcomes.  The challenge we all face is in making the technology work for us in the complex and varied environment that is Scottish General Practice.

If you want to contribute or have a question to ask then contact our clinical lead, Paul Miller, by e-mail, and follow us on Twitter!

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